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Entry #5's been awhile and...

2018-02-24 19:59:27 by YumeSin

So, Newgrounds. It's been quite a long time. To be frank, I really missed this place but had to drop my acitivty here when coursework for my undergrad got too crazy. Now that I got my degree(and likely to start getting another one next year sometime), I have more time to do stuff on here! 


What does this mean? 




+Art(though don't expect more than poop on paper)

+Reviews(I'll talk more about this later)

+Comic series? 


I miss making reviews. I miss chatting with creators and seeing what their vision is. I. MISS. IT. HERE. T_T 


I'm going to go through the process of running some major overhaul stuff(upadting things, posting new stuff I feel proud about on here and looking for critque, and also just being more active in general).  There's also a comic series I'm still in the stages of character concept for but it's a pretty large project. If you're curious about it, leave a comment or send me a private message!


It feels good to be back! : D 


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